Why work with us?

Video Technology

We video interview all of our candidates. We send a copy of the video call to you before you agree to meet them. This means you're only meeting candidates you've already culturally assessed ultimately saving you time and therefore money throughout the hiring process.

Quality Led Business

Unlike other agencies, our Consultants don't have KPI's on CV's sent. We're here to add value, and to be frank - make money. We can't do those things if we're wasting your time inundating you with low quality CV's. In 2020 100% of our candidates passed rebate.

The Best Consultants

It's bold we know... But here at Virtus Talent we only hire the best so you'll have a high performing expert working your roles as well as the fact we simply won't be outworked.

We Value Your Business

As a start-up we massively value your business and will give your roles the attention they deserve.

Client Experience

One of the reasons Virtus Talent was founded was because we knew there was a gap in our market for a business that delivers truly exceptional customer service, We genuinely listen, care and most importantly - deliver.

Bespoke Solutions

We know every client is different. Another reason our clients love us is because we're flexible in the way we work. We have a variety of products to compliment your business and growth strategy.