Our Process

Our expert recruiters source the best talent on the market through a variety of channels and carefully select candidates based on our client's needs. 

Then, we conduct a 45 minute telephone interview to get to know the candidate as well as exploring their motivations & drivers to work in Recruitment Consultancy.

If successful at telephone interview stage we will really test their commitment by progressing them to a video interview where we really dig under the bonnet. 

We then send you a copy of the short video alongside the CV before you decide to meet them. This means you only meet candidates you've already seen on video!

Sourced & Selected

Telephone Interview

Video Interview

Send To You

Our proactive sourcing methods mean we often have access to high quality exclusive candidates our competitors can't find. Then, our heavy vetting and selection process means you're only meeting the very best and most committed candidates on the market. Ultimately, saving you time and getting the best talent into your team quickly.